Champions are beginners that never gave up.





One more of my boyfriend and I ☺️ he decided to be cute or something at the end

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relationship goals

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Anonymous: Hi. I saw a comment recently implying that it should be easier to place at your school's own feis. How true do you think this is? I had a feis recently where the winner was from the school and I didn't think anything of it until I saw that post...

Okay this is a tough question to answer. It’s not that the judges at a Feis are partial to the host’s dancers, it’s usually that the coordinators will often choose judges that like the style of the host’s dancers. It’s not necessarily politics, and the winners at a Feis deserve their win regardless if they’re from the host school or not, but the odds are usually more in the favor of those dancers.

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Australia’s dress game is so on point. Every dress I see from Australia makes me wanna cry.

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Anonymous: In my opinion I think the dingi group is hilarious and the name just makes it 10x better!

Aw yay thanks ❤️

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So don’t lose hope when you’re forlornJust keep your eyes upon the skies
I finally got my revenge on the Munich Feis after 7 years. When I was 13, my best friend won the championship and I placed last and I bawled my eyes out in the beer garden and swore I’d never dance a championship again. It took me two years to compete in Open again and another 7 years to finally win that feis. But I did it. 
Here’s to never giving up. 

You beat Míša!

i swear on my life this dress is gonna give me that confidence you have no idea how excited i am viva
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To the anon that sent me a really long awesome message:

You are fantastic. Keep doing you child. ❤️

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Anonymous: Sorry people can't take that you are fierce and fabulous, have a great day

OMG thanks you are equally fierce and fabulous for saying so 💁👑

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Baltimore, Maryland
March 2014
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I’m sorry, but has anyone cared to notice that we aren’t the ones making a big deal about our group chat? Literally the only thing I’ve posted about dingi on here since before TTF has been defending my friends in it and answering questions about it. We’re not “exclusive” or a “cool kids club” or “taking over tumblr,” it just feels that way to those of you who feel left out because you’re putting that spin on it. If you want to be friends with us, great. I would LOVE to get know you guys more. Anya, Caiti, Katie, and Emily are quite literally my best friends in the entire world and we met by chatting each other on here. Hell, I haven’t even met Emily in person. But the point is, stop acting like us being friends is isolating everyone else in this tag because it’s literally making going on tumblr miserable.

Also, stop starting drama. When it exists, I’m going to put in my two cents every single time because I’m not going to sit around and be unrightfully degraded. Also, it’s unacceptable how some people feel they have the right to stick their nose in other people’s business, even if it is public, when this drama shows up. Seriously, if you were at a party and a couple people you didn’t know that well got into an argument, would you get yourself involved and choose a side, even though it’s taking place in a pretty public environment? No, you absolutely wouldn’t, so stop pretending that an online context suddenly empowers you to get involved in an issue that does not concern you.

Rant over. Send hate if you want. I honestly couldn’t care less anymore.

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No dancing outside of the assigned practice areas!

When in doubt jig it out

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Anonymous: If you don't mind me asking and I totally understand if it's none of my business but what happened on the group chat? Cause I highly doubt a tumblr irish dancer wants another one dead and I trust your information








since some people feel the need to broadcast it to the entire tag it’s only fair to offer an explanation. dancer 1 inserted themselves into dancer 2s relationship and did something that the rest of the group thought was really wrong, so when we confronted dancer 1 they went slightly bananas on us, and is no longer in the chat. it’s really not a big deal but some people just like drama i guess lol 

l o l i like that you say ‘confronted’ when what you actually did was verbally abuse me. If defending another dancer (who you guys were bitching about behind their back, along with several other tumblr dancers) is ‘really wrong’ then I’m guilty as hell. All I did was defend my friend, and you guys weren’t happy that I didn’t agree with your opinion.

Lisa Claire you know that I think you’re great person, and I’m sorry and sympathize with your ongoing struggle with depression, but “verbal abuse” is a grand overstatement in this situation, and I’m saying that as an objective third party who watched the whole situation pan out. Just because some people said some things to you in the chat that you didn’t want to hear does not make their statement and their reasoning for saying said statement invalid. Sure, you defend your harsh words to the chat by saying you were on the defensive and they were justified, but looking back on the conversation, you could say the same about what was said to you. I admire your intention to take the high road and maturely not participate in drama, but all the Dingi ask is that you acknowledge that your actions did the contrary, no matter how good those intentions were. 
Also, no one in the chat sent you death threats. Although your IP Address tracking method proves the city of origin, it is unfair to accuse someone outright just because you know they live there. If you have a suspicion, have a non-confrontational argument with the person before you get the cops involved. Their maturity to own up to their transgressions may not shine through, but at least you could give them the opportunity to do so.

As a member of this group chat for like 20 terrifying minutes, I can say that everyone in this group was downright obnoxious and repulsive.

aww thnx we all luv u 2

You’re welcome

I’m just going to assume you guys are all under the age of 14 because the patheticness of this post is baffling. Who seriously broadcasts this shit on the internet for everyone to see - oh wait, you guys! Get your heads out your asses.

Hey pot, so crazy to hear you’re calling the kettle black! We tried to handle this privately and none of the accused decided to make this a public thing. But when it went public, I personally wasn’t going to sit and watch people publicly defame my friends, so I posted a comment. If you don’t want to see it, unfollow me. Your insistence to get involved with drama was equally as pointless and non-stimulating as the drama in the first place, so throw your shade somewhere else please.

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