Champions are beginners that never gave up.

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One of the beautiful things about Irish dance is the global relationships it creates.  thefeckinpiper and Amanda met online through a dance website many years ago and have kept in touch ever since.  They finally met in person in Chicago and finally got to dance together in the same competition this year!  Crazy thing - they were only 4-5 dancers apart from each other in the line up!
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any irish dancers with a strictly personal blog as well? reblog and add your URL and i’ll follow you back from my personal ! :)




my personal is in case you wanna check it out beforehand ;)


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Shamrock Photo🍀🙌😍
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Crystaled my cape! Still waiting to do the entire dress…
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peaceandirishdance38 and I at nationals :)
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Anonymous: how'd you win an Oireachtas and only get 29th at NANs.....





Because I went to college between those two placements and decided to have a life outside of dance 👍

Also, for the record, our recall group was wicked hard this year, so placements were really based on judges’ preferences and apparently they weren’t too keen on my style this time.

I don’t think people understand how hard it is to dance in college and be an active member in a sorority and get somewhat decent grades…IT’S REALLY FREAKIN HARD. Sit down anon sit down


This is why I’m terrified to start college in a month…

^It’s not impossible to have the best of both worlds just fyi. I just had no practice space and no determination to focus my efforts on dance as much as I could. Not to mention I had a great freshman year and still kept top five at Oireachtas.

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i attempted the lovely gavinsandghillies 💚 hope you all like it✌️
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shoutout to elevation for creating my swagtacular new dress
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Courtney D’Angelo ( cocodangelo ) and Amanda Probert ( amandaprobert ) as they realized they made it into the top 5 dancers. 
Photo by Shannon Cohoon
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U18 babes